God in the Flesh

Bodies loom large in the work of experimental artist and filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang. Spanning video, animation, and VR, his work is full of strange subjects that equally evoke ancient myths and the latex costumes of contemporary BDSM enthusiasts, inviting viewers to touch, and in turn be touched by, inhuman skins. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that Huang’s latest work, a short film titled Kiss of the Rabbit God, which just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, centers on an erotic encounter with an otherworldly stranger.

在实验艺术家兼电影导演 Andrew Thomas Huang 的作品中,肉体是引人注目的元素。从视频、动画到虚拟现实,他的作品充满各种怪异的题材,令人联想到神秘的古代神话、或是现代 BDSM(皮绳愉虐)的乳胶衣,仿佛在邀请观众去感受这种非人类肌肤的亲密触碰。而他的最新作品,近日在纽约翠贝卡电影节上映的《兔儿神》,再次通过镜头向我们讲述了一个充满神秘情欲的风流韵事。

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