Author: Brandon Kemp

Brandon Kemp is a Taipei-based writer exploring queer desire in East Asian cinema, media, and culture, with a focus on the Sinophone world. Above all, he is fascinated by the relationship between the sensual dimensions of film and media and embodied experience. His work has been featured in the Asian art and culture magazine Neocha, Nikkei Asian Review, and the Hong Kong Review of Books. He is currently working on a chapter on Taiwan’s queer youth cinema for an upcoming collection. 布蘭登·坎普是現居台北的作家,關注東亞(特別是華語區)的電影、媒體、與文化中的酷兒情慾,尤其著迷於電影和媒體之感官面向與具身經驗之間的關聯。他的作品發表於亞洲藝術與文化雜誌《新茶》、《日經亞洲評論》及《香港書評》。目前正在為新書系撰寫以台灣青年酷兒電影為主題的文章。