Your Name

Your Name Engraved Herein (刻在你心底的名字), 2020

It’s 1988, one year after the lifting of martial law in Taiwan. A-han (played by Chen Hao-sen) and Birdy (Tseng Ching-hua) have come to Taipei ostensibly to mourn the passing of the reform-minded president Chiang Ching-guo, but really to escape their strict, military-style Catholic school in Taichung. While exploring the capital, they spot a young male activist donning a wedding dress and shouting slogans in favor of same-sex marriage. He is then quickly carted off by plainclothes police, who, apparently familiar with his antics, address him as Chi Chia-wei. The takeaway for the young onlookers is clear: Taiwan may be changing, but there are limits to the new freedom.

1988 年,台湾解除戒严一年后,阿汉(陈昊森饰)和 Birdy(曾敬骅饰)前往台北,表面上是为了追悼逝世的总统蒋经国,实际上只是想摆脱原来在台中天主教学校军事风格的生活。在台北,他们看到一名年轻的男子穿上婚纱,高喊着支持同性婚姻的口号。但是,很快他就被便衣民警押走了。民警显然已经很熟悉他,直接称呼他的名字“祁家威”。看到这一幕,这两名年轻人明白:虽然台湾正在变革中,但人们对新的自由思想尚未真正接受。

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