On Beautiful Boys

“Do you know the legend of Enoshima?” Though Nagisa is only seventeen, his usually stoic disposition belies something of the turbulence beneath his calm exterior. Right now, eyes fixed firmly on a sea set ablaze by the receding sun, he is doing something decidedly uncharacteristic: letting someone in. Without waiting for a response, he begins, “A long time ago, a monk from a certain temple in Kamakura came to Enoshima on a pilgrimage.”

Shun, who listens, is the same age. He, too, is a pilgrim of sorts. He has come to the seaside town of Fujisawa for spring break, but, after his father is called away on work, the high schooler finds himself staying temporarily with the family of Nagisa’s employer-cum-mentor, who runs a modest surfing supply shop. Matters are quickly complicated as it becomes clear that the owner’s daughter Chika is in love with Nagisa and as her friend takes to the sensitive Shun, who sees something of himself in this other young girl who hides behind her camera. Still, this four-way confusion between teens pales in comparison to the confusion happening within two of them.

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