Glamorous Boys

Years before Ang Lee’s gay Confucian melodrama The Wedding Banquet, or Tsai Ming-liang’s slow-burning cinematic exploration of crisscrossed desires Vive l’amour, Chiu Kang-chien’s 1985 film The Glamorous Boys of Tang debuted in Taiwanese cinemas. The blatantly queer and absurdly costumed film was not well received on an island still under martial law. Featuring exorcisms, gruesome deaths, and orgies, it naturally ran afoul of the authorities, resulting in heavy cuts. But it also represented a small milestone in Taiwanese queer cinema. Now Su Hui-yu has released a remake that hews closer to the script’s subversive edge than even the original. (Watch a trailer here).

1985 年,在李安的同志情节剧《喜宴》,以及蔡明亮缓慢探寻交织爱欲与城市疏离感的“水三部曲”都还未面世前,邱刚健的电影《唐朝绮丽男》在台湾院线上映了。电影中露骨的同性情欲和穿着奇装异服的画面,在当时仍在戒严的岛上并不受欢迎。这部以驱魔、死亡和狂欢为题的电影,理所当然与当局的立场发生冲突,影片也招致大幅剪裁。但它仍代表了台湾同志电影中的一个小小的里程碑。现在,导演苏汇宇重新翻拍了这部电影,比原作更加贴近剧本中的颠覆性。

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