Black Box Love

What do you most fear in a relationship? Infidelity? That you’re unlovable, perhaps? That all is not as it seems? Director Aurélien Jégou’s short film Insomnia (2018) is ostensibly about a crime, a couple, and a secret that eats away at them. It lurches violently, sometimes beautifully, between the magical and the mundane. But overflowing with sensual imagery, with the magnetic Yang Qi-Yin at its center, the film is ultimately a dreamlike exploration of queer intimacy and anxiety.

在一段情感关系中,你最害怕的是什么?是对方的不忠?是对自己被爱的怀疑?还是说不清道不明的不真实感?导演 Aurélien Jégou 带来的《失眠》(Insomnia, 2018)围绕着一桩罪案,一对情侣,和一个逐渐毁灭他们的秘密而展开。短片时而粗暴直接,时而精致敏感,穿梭在虚幻与现实之间。电影中充满感性意象的画面,配以主角杨奇殷摄人心魄的表演,编织了一场探索酷儿情感中亲密与危机的感官绮梦。

The drama unfolds around an object at once concrete and elusive, a black box that Yang’s character is forbidden from opening by his lover (played by Jégou). Since every relationship has its dark secrets, Insomnia invites audiences to bring their own experiences to bear on its symbols. By design, in other words, everyone’s black box will contain something different. “Even Qi-Yin, the actor, doesn’t know what’s in it concretely for me,” Jégou tells me, “and I don’t know what’s in it for him.”

一个黑匣子—这件既具体又抽象的物品,是故事的奇点。电影中,主角的爱人(Jégou 饰)拥有一个神秘的黑匣子,并一直禁止男主人公将它开启。每一段情感关系里都有着隐藏得或深或浅的秘密;而《失眠》的核心,就在于引导观众将自己的经历代入到影片中以物喻事的象征中去:每个人都有一个黑匣子,而匣子里装的秘密因人而异。“就连演员杨奇殷也不知道那黑匣子里的具体内容”,导演Jégou说,“他也没有告诉过我,在他的想象中,这黑匣子里装的到底是什么。”

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