Oral Fixation

“Why do you never kiss me?” Mark (played by Xiao Ke) asks his boyfriend Li Ting (Etsen Chen) in Fan Popo’s short film Floss, which will be screened at the San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival. “I just did,” Li Ting replies impassively. “No, I mean French kissing.” By now, viewers have learned that Li Ting has a strange secret: he’s obsessed with teeth, his own as well as his partner’s, but above all by the delicate threads used to clean them, even sneaking off to rummage through the trash to recover a string of floss used by Mark. What follows suggests that his interest goes beyond oral hygiene to something much deeper.

“为什么都不亲我?”Mark(由肖可演)问他的男朋友李廷(陈彥廷饰)。这是范坡坡的短片《线》中的一幕,该片刚刚在旧金山国际 LGBTQ + 电影节上映。“我亲了呀。” 李廷无动于衷地回答道。“没碰到舌头你都算?”看到这里,观众已经知道李廷有一个奇怪的秘密:他对牙齿有恋物癖,无论是他自己的牙齿或是爱人的牙齿,尤其是用来清洁牙齿的细腻牙线,他甚至会偷偷在垃圾里翻找出 Mark 用过的牙线。接下来的画面让人发现,他对牙线的迷恋早已超越口腔卫生,而是一种更深层次的迷恋。

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